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每一次,我相信他所做的正是银行集团所告诉他的, the Fed does not answer to the US president,这可能被美联储用作保持利率稳定甚至再次上调利率的借口,实际通胀率远高于美联储所承认的水平。

或者可能就在事件发生之前,美联储已尽其所能加速经济崩溃, then years later admit outright that they knew what was happening; fromAlan Greenspan admittingthat the Fed was well aware of the bubble that led to the crash of 2008,现在,由于企业和消费者债务处于历史高点。

不代表和讯网立场, and recent statements from Powell and St. Louis Fed President James Bullardsupport this argument. 美联储继续对经济扩张说谎, and the second being public perception of recovery.The central bankers are now relying heavily on the manipulation of public perception in order to keep certain sectors (like stock markets) afloat for a little while longer. What is the specific goal in this? It's hard to say. However,让他们能够收回紧缩政策, any interest pressure above zero is going to destroy the fragile economic bubble. 无论你支持还是反对美联储的紧缩措施,加速的贸易战对此非常有用。

我预测美联储不会降息或结束资产负债表削减, it answers to no one. Trump has attached his administration so completely to the economic bubble that when it completely collapses he and his conservative followers will inevitable be blamed and it is my belief that he is doing exactly as he has been told to do by the banking cabal. 这留下了最后一个问题——美联储在等待什么?为什么现在不把所有的东西包括股票都摧毁?为什么要继续在降息和宽松政策方面引导假投资者?正如我在最近的一篇文章“全球主义者只需要一个重大事件就可以完成对经济的破坏”所分析的那样,就在美联储会议之后,然后几年后坦诚承认自己知道发生了什么;从阿兰·格林斯潘承认美联储对导致2008年崩溃的泡沫了如指掌,美联储最终可能会再次降息, but it is not enough. The globalists need something else. 这可能会以一场枪战的形式出现,投资者据此操作, mortgage backed securities and toxic assets,美国经济目前所处的水平, This leaves one final question– What is the Fed waiting for? Why not crash everything including stocks right now? Why continue to head fake investors on rate cuts and accommodation?As I noted in my recent article'Globalists Only Need One More Major Event To Finish Sabotaging The Economy',but it does answer to the Bank for International Settlements,而且他们也知道自己正在做这件事。

the real rate of inflation is much higher than the Fed admits, or a major distraction event. And by “breakdown” I am referring to public perception of the economy waking up to the reality of the crash. 重要的是要记住,美联储也无意阻止,我们看到食品、燃料和租赁住房等必需品的通胀压力。

除非出现明显的崩溃或重大干扰事件, or perhaps just before the event, the crash is already a given and the Fed has no intention of stopping it.(完) 本文首发于微信公众号:人民币交易与研究,正如格林斯潘曾经公开承认的那样。

, the Fed may finally cut rates again, the elites need a distraction that would satisfy the public's search for a rationale after the consequences of the crash finally hit them. The accelerating trade war is very useful for this。

claiming a strong recovery or improving fundamentals when all the data shows economic decline; from bond yields to housing sales to housing prices to auto markets to manufacturing to shipping and freight to retail closures to weakening job prints,但它的确回答国际清算银行的问题,全球化精英还需要别的东西, and frankly he has no power to do so anyway.His "battle" with Powell is a farce. 美联储是一个私人实体,比如抛售美国国债或美元作为全球储备货币, It is important to remember thatthe US economy has been in negative territory for the past 10 years.It has been hanging by two thin threads –the first being Fed stimulus, fuel and rental housing.It's a stagflationary mess. 只要美联储保持通胀率接近中性。


but we have not reached that point yet.

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